phlebotomy [flibät′əmē]
[ME flebotomie < OFr flebothomie < LL phlebotomia < Gr: see PHLEBO- & -TOMY]
the act or practice of bloodletting as a therapeutic measure

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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  • Phlebotomy — Phle*bot o*my, n. [L. phlebotomia, Gr. ?; ?, ?, a vein + ? to cut: cf. F. phl[ e]botomie. Cf. {Fleam}.] (Med.) The act or practice of opening a vein for letting blood, in the treatment of disease; venesection; bloodletting. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Phlebotomy — may refer to:* Venipuncture, the practice of collecting blood samples. It is also the recommended treatment for hemochromatosis, an iron overload disorder * Bloodletting, the ancient medical practice …   Wikipedia

  • phlebotomy — bloodletting, c.1400, flebotomye, from O.Fr. flebotomie (13c.), from medical L. phlebotomia, from Gk. phlebotomia blood letting, from phlebotomos opening veins, from phleps (gen. phlebos) vein + tomia cutting of, from tome a cutting ( …   Etymology dictionary

  • Phlebotomy — On Thorns I Lay On Thorns I Lay Pays d’origine  Grèce Genre(s) Doom metal Gothic metal Hard rock Brutal death metal (en début de carrière sous le nom de Paralysis) …   Wikipédia en Français

  • phlebotomy — noun /flɪˈbɒtəmi/ The opening of a vein, either to withdraw blood or for letting blood; venesection. Phlebotomy is promiscuously used before and after physick, commonly before and upon occasion is often reiterated, if there be any need at least… …   Wiktionary

  • phlebotomy — noun (plural mies) Etymology: Middle English fleobotomie, from Middle French flebothomie, from Late Latin phlebotomia, from Greek, from phleb + tomia tomy Date: 14th century the letting of blood for transfusion, diagnosis, or experiment, and… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • phlebotomy — The cutting of veins fancy name for taking blood by venepuncture, usually with a needle not a knife …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • phlebotomy — /fleuh bot euh mee/, n., pl. phlebotomies. Med. the act or practice of opening a vein for letting blood as a therapeutic measure; venesection; bleeding. [1350 1400; earlier flebotomye, phlebothomy ( < MF flebotomie) < ML phlebotomia, LL < Gk… …   Universalium

  • phlebotomy — Incision into or needle puncture of a vein for the purpose of drawing blood. SYN: venesection, venotomy. [phlebo + G. tome, incision] bloodless p. SYN: phlebostasis (2). * * * phle·bot·o·my fli bät ə mē …   Medical dictionary

  • phlebotomy — Synonyms and related words: aspiration, bleeding, bloodletting, broaching, cupping, drafting, drainage, draining, drawing, emptying, leeching, milking, pipetting, pumping, siphoning, sucking, suction, tapping, venesection …   Moby Thesaurus

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